Secrets Rich and Strange: The Sea Witches

They bleed salt water and sing the songs the waves taught them. They are as wild and strange as the ocean herself, secretive folk who have little use for land but where it meets the water. Some say they are the children of mermaids or selkies, abandoned by their parents and mothered by the depths. The only thing they know is that they must not go away from the sea. 


The Hobbit Cast by Sarah Dunn:  Four Is Better Than One Edition


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The first rule of this household is discipline.

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"Don’t date a girl just because everyone else in the room can’t take their eyes off her, or that black dress hugs her curves perfectly. Date a girl who you think about while waiting for the subway. Who makes you want your words to sound like some pretentious asshole who sits at Starbucks all day with a laptop wrote them. Date a girl who makes you think of stargazing in the summer and hot drinks in the winter. Don’t date a girl you can see the rest of your life with, date a girl who makes certain moments of your life unforgettable. Don’t date a girl who if after two weeks she “won’t give it up” to you. Don’t date a girl who if after 6 months won’t give it up. Date a girl who you will wait till the ends of the earth till she’s ready, a girl who you will gladly light the candles for. Date a girl who you will do anything to get that smile that melts your heart. Don’t date a girl who you’re dependent on. Date a girl who makes you more dependent on yourself to be better."

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A Japanese Theatre Program for the 1971 re-release of GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER.  Stunning artwork!

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the way Fili walks into Bilbo’s hobbit hole (◠‿◠✿) 


Beautiful Cinema - Spirited Away

Title: Coming of Age
Artist: Foster the People
Played: 182073 times

filming the feast scene.

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Gash by Megan Mitchell

Title: I Should Live In Salt
Artist: The National
Played: 3789 times